As kids enter their teen years, they face many new risks to their health and safety. One of those is the risk of marijuana use. The fact is that nearly every teen in Scituate will have the opportunity to smoke marijuana before they graduate from high school. Fortunately, statistics tell us that most Rhode Island teens aged 12 to 17 do not use marijuana. Unfortunately, by time they are in 12th grade, nearly 50 percent do report marijuana use.

Here are three proven prevention strategies that parents can use to help their teens make the right decision about marijuana use, when they’re out there on their own.

Make your teen a partner in prevention.

Parents don't want to see their kids get hurt. It’s how we are "wired." It’s a natural instinct. When kids enter those "invincible" teen years, when they're quick to tell us we don’t need to treat them like kids any more, we need to change our strategy for keeping them safe. Read more

Know the risks. Discuss them with your teen.

With marijuana, the biggest problem that parents face is that most teens don’t believe marijuana use is very risky. Check out some of the latest science and evidenced-based risks of teen marijuana use. Discuss them with your teen. Knowledge and parental influence are powerful protective factors. Read more

Reduce the risk of harm with proven protective factors.

Protective factors are not vaccinations that inoculate teens against substance abuse but they can significantly reduce the likelihood that your teen will use marijuana or other drugs. The more factors you use, the less likely your teens will "use." Read more

Resources for Parents and Teens. The More We Know, the Better. Click here